FIG - Cleanser, facial treatment with prickly pear

This very gentle and hydrating face care soap is cold saponified. It is superfat and takes care of the most sensitive skin.

- Prickly prickly prickly oil, very penetrating, makes this soap soft and hydrating. It fights against dehydration and prevents sagging skin. It is an oil that tightens pores, refines skin texture and reduces scars. Its regulatory action is also ideal for combination to oily skin - an ideal facial cleanser for daily use.

This soap promotes microcirculation of blood vessels. Its soothing properties make it an ally for particularly reactive or fragile and sensitive skin. It eliminates impurities in depth and has rebalancing functions that regulate sebum production gently.

FIG - Cleanser, facial treatment with prickly pear

  • This cleanser is designed for facial care. It is very soft and can be used daily.

    Lather with water between the hands and apply generously to the face then rinse.


    Weight - 100 gr