Roll-on Jade

The Jade roll-on, a massage tool, combined with our La Parfaite serum allows better penetration of the treatment in depth and a real moment of relaxation.


The benefits of Roll-on Jade:

- Activates micro-circulation

- Refines skin texture

- Tones the oval of the face

- Relaxes the muscles and tensions of the face and neck

- Visibly reduces puffiness and dark circles

- Drains toxins


The Roll-on Jade can be placed in the refrigerator and used cold to increase the toning and decongestant effects of the stone.

It can also be placed under a stream of hot water to benefit from its relaxing effects and deeply relax the muscles and tensions of the face and neck.


Jade is a toning, purifying and anti-imperfection stone.

It helps fight against acne, micro-cysts, excess sebum and visibly improves the skin texture.

Roll-on Jade