THE PERFECT - Anti-oxidant serum with prickly pear seed oil

La Parfaite is an antioxidant serum formulated from a complex of 9 noble and precious botanical oils.

- Prickly pear seed oil: regenerating, anti dehydration and healing. Its exceptional richness in Vitamin E and sterols protects the skin against damage linked to free radicals. It contains significant amounts of essential fatty acids, including linoleic acid (omega-6), and is an excellent skin softening and repairing agent.

- Neroli essential oil, obtained by distilling the fresh flowers of the bitter orange tree, revitalizes, rebalances and repairs the epidermis. Its high content of active molecules makes it a precious ingredient and contributes to tissue regeneration and rejuvenation of mature skin.


This treatment regenerates cells and stimulates micro-circulation. Concentrated in retinol and unsaturated fatty acids, it nourishes, softens and smoothes the epidermis.

Suitable for all skin types.


Ideal for :

- The radiance of the complexion

- Hydration

- Protection from external aggressions

- First signs of aging

- Wrinkles and fine lines

THE PERFECT - Anti-oxidant serum with prickly pear seed oil

  • Matin et/ou soir, versez 3 à 5 gouttes dans la paume, chauffez l'huile entre vos 2 mains et appliquez sur la peau nettoyée. Massez et laissez absorber 1 minutes. Conserver à température ambiante et à l'abri des rayons directs du soleil.


    Testé sous contrôle dermatologique par un laboratoire indépendant.


    Existe en 2 Formats : Flacon en verre et pipette - 30 ml et 15 ml


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