We want transparency and impeccable compositions.

Everything we create is made in small quantities, by hand and in France.

E rnest Ernest. it is a small, enthusiastic and daring team that shares the same ethical, ecological and sustainable logic.

In classic cosmetics, the lists of ingredients are often very long and difficult to decipher, rich in fillers, emulsifiers, preservatives ... but contain only a few active ingredients.

We oppose cosmetic greenwashing, false promises and the miracle product, falsely natural and ultimately useless.

In our products we use ingredients loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The active ingredients come from essential oils and nutrition is provided by virgin vegetable oils.

For us, pure, natural and concentrated active ingredients are healthier and more effective treatments.

The dosage of each ingredient is deliberately chosen in its ideal concentration to work in synergy with the general formula. Our treatments are easily absorbed by the skin to maintain hydration, preserve the hydrolipidic film and ensure cell growth.

To minimize our environmental impact, we have favored organically grown plants and have chosen not to overpack our products. Our packaging is made of glass, 100% reusable and recyclable for less waste.

Founded by Maurine Pelissier and Arnaud Saint Martin in 2017.

Opening of the eshop in October 2018.


Plant materials

Cold pressed virgin vegetable oils

Essential oils

Glass containers

Recyclable and reusable packaging


Materials from petrochemicals, Palm oil

Mineral oils, Esterified oils, Hydrogenated oils

Silicones, preservatives, dyes

Parabens, Phthalates

Chemical products


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