Qui est Ernest
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We want transparency and impeccable compositions.

Everything we create is made in small quantities, by hand and in France.

Made in France

Ernest Ernest is a French brand based in Marseille.
The brand manufactures its products in its region, Provence, and contributes to strengthening the local economic fabric by favoring regional partnerships.


The Slow Cosmetic Label

We are demanding on the quality of the ingredients. To do good care, you need a good raw material. We use organic and / or sustainably grown ingredients and 100% useful and quality ingredients.

We wanted to join the Slow Cosmétique® movement which rewards an approach based on a common desire to promote a natural, healthy and reasonable way of consuming cosmetics. More than a label, it is awarded by an association of volunteers and allows consumers to know that a brand offers products with specific formulas and reasonable marketing.

The Slow Cosmetic Mention rewards the brand's overall commitment to cosmetics that are more ecological, healthy, intelligent and reasonable.

Our origins

Ernest Ernest is a French cosmetics brand, 100% natural and 100% vegetable, committed and transparent, like our compositions.
Created by Maurine Pelissier and Arnaud Saint Martin, as a couple, sharing the same ethical, ecological and sustainable logic and wanting to offer healthy and reasoned alternatives, for consumers concerned about their health and that of the Planet.

We only use the essentials, noble and active raw materials. Our cosmetics are 100% natural and are all packaged in glass containers. Each product is made in small quantities, by hand and in France.

Responsible cosmetics

- Transparency.
In classic cosmetics, the lists of ingredients are often very long and difficult to decipher, rich in fillers, emulsifiers, preservatives ... but contain only a few active ingredients. We oppose Greenwashing, false promises and the miracle product, falsely natural and ultimately unnecessary. We want transparency and flawless compositions. In our products, the active ingredients come from essential oils and nutrition is provided by virgin vegetable oils.

- Respect for the consumer.
By meeting its expectations in terms of quality, price and transparency. Everyone must be able to buy their cosmetic product knowingly, knowing exactly what this product is for and what it is made of, very clearly.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

- Our ethics go further.
We have also taken care of the impact of our products on their overall lifespan. Whenever possible, the plants of our oils are cultivated according to international or fair trade organic standards. All of our ingredients are processed in France and we manufacture all of our products in Provence. We have chosen not to overpack our products, our bottles and jars are made of 100% reusable and recyclable glass and our packaging in recycled cardboard, for less waste.


Plant materials

Cold pressed virgin vegetable oils

Essential oils

Glass containers

Recyclable and reusable packaging


Materials from petrochemicals, Palm oil

Mineral oils, Esterified oils, Hydrogenated oils

Silicones, preservatives, dyes

Parabens, Phthalates

Chemical products